Portraits & Illustrations

Get a portrait of your family, pets, or request a custom illustration!


LineDreams Portraits & Illustrations

In order to provide quality, all portraits must be approved first. The complexity of a portrait, including the number of subects as well as the timeframe influence the price.

Payments accepted: 
Debit Card

Ordering Process:

1) Email request to [email protected]
Subject: Portrait/Illustration/questions/etc
Text: any information about the portrait request like  the medium, timeframe and preferred payment type if possible or any questions you may have. Attach photographs for review if they are readily available.

2) Once portrait is reviewed and approved (usually within a few hours) you will receive an E-Mail with information on how to proceed with payment.

3) After the payment is comfirmed the artist begins painting your very own LineDreams portrait!

You can also contact us  on social media for questions!

*Some features of LineDreams are under maintenance*